The Order Receiver App enables your restaurant to receive, print and respond to customer orders in real time.

Real Time Updates

Receive full order details as they are placed on Notify drivers that you have received the order at the click of a button.

Easy Communication

Your local one delivery franchise manager is only a tap away. Choose between messaging or tap-to-call via your tablet or smartphone.

Editable Menus

Direct access to your own online menu displayed on The ability to add/remove edit any menu items description, cost and other options.

Printable Order Details

Print your orders using a thermal receipt printer. Especially handy when passing the order to the kitchen staff or to attach as a receipt to the food order.

Bespoke Setup

Work with your local One Delivery franchise manager to get up and running in no time. Displaying your restaurant on the site is free and deliveries are taken care of.

Access to every order as it is placed in real time means easier, more efficent management of your kitchen and customers.

Unlimited printing of orders with a bluetooth thermal printer allows you to pass jobs around to kitchen staff, colleagues and delivery drivers.

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