One Delivery Cardiff make the local news!

Ever been sat snug in your onesie on a cold winter’s night and suddenly developed a hankering for some KFC?

Or maybe you’ve woken up hungover with a craving for a sausage and egg McMuffin? Of course, you have - we’ve all been there. And each time it’s always the same thought that pops into your heads - why oh why don’t these places deliver?

Well, now those peckish prayers have been answered by one Cardiff couple who’ll bring your favourite fast food directly to your door, without you ever having to leave the house.

Ex-parcel delivery driver Dean Elson and his wife Lisa started up One Delivery Cardiff last September and have been coming to the rescue of the famished all across the capital ever since.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times me and Lisa would have friend over for a few drinks and, about half way through the night, one of us would start longing for a burger or some fried chicken,” said the 42-year-old from Ely.

“So when I heard about an opportunity to take over the One Delivery franchise in Cardiff I couldn’t believe it and jumped at the idea.”

Posted 29th August 2015 @ 15:48

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