Facts & Figures

Did you know the average person spends over £110.00 per month on takeaways & orders a whopping 12 times!

We did! We also know that the average order value of our customers is £23.00 meaning there is a potential profit of between £8 & £9 per delivery for you!

With restaurant food delivery now valued at over £5bn in the UK & growing fast, there will never be a better opportunity to grab your share of the pie.

How does £35k plus in your first year sound? Too good to be true? Absolutely not…Many of our Franchisees are achieving this & more, indeed some of our latest Franchisees are predicting £100k turnover in their first year of business. With some amazing new contracts on board, trials with Just Eat & enquiries from major brands for potential partnerships, we expect Franchisees to be earning £50k per year & more from year one! How many other franchises say that?

Posted 29th August 2015 @ 16:48

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